jueves, 9 de junio de 2011

De cuando escuchas rolas y todo

(This was written while listening to Pyro by Kings of Leon)

How should I start?
What should I say?
How am I gonna say it.

I just wanna say that I'm old.
Not in a bad way.

Just in a way that made me realize that, damn, I'm not a kid anymore.

Even though I'd love to be called like Big calls Carrie Bradshaw... Kid.

And I see my friends.
Their lives.
My life.

Their dreams.
My dreams.

Their jobs.
My job.

Their love ones.

And it's clear to me, that I want things differently.

And I don't mean it in a bad way. I just want different things. And that's it.

Humanly, I cannot say I dont feel kinda bad, kinda, for not going the old-fashioned way. Cuz you'll always try to fit in, right?
It's just human.

But.... but... I'm not sure I want that.
I mean, right now.
You know?

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